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We offer customized facial treatments /custome blending for your individual skin concerns.
Skin scrubber technology and extraction is included if needed. all * are customers favorites!


*Trio Facial | 70min - $155

This treatment is a combination of microderm or mild chemical peel, oxygen infusion and led light, designed to resurface the top dead, patchy layer of the skin and infuse power serums and pure oxygen resulting in glow and radiance of the skin, also stimulate collagen, reduce acne bacteria and brightens the skin if its done in series!


*Acne Clearing Facial
60min - $95

Deep cleanse and exfoliate with salicylic acid, lactic acid system and balance the oil level of the skin.( blue led light that kills the bacteria is included for members only!)


*Age Defying Facial  
60min - $115

Peptides and vitamins infusion with ultrasound technology to restore moisture and increase firmness of the skin. Resurfacing eye treatment and led light is included in this facial.!

*NEW  add on  age defy combo!    $20

this is a combination of peptide and hyaluronic acid face and neck mask that can be done on most skin types specially for premature and dry skin.


Detoxifying/depigment Facial
60min - $95

detoxify and fade pigmention from acne scaring also sun spots. it also helps with purifying from pollution in the air .

*NEW holiday glam and glow! | 50min-$95

This is a resurfacing facial with microdermabrasion, deep vitamin and serum infusion with unique nano

technology that leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed.

Bio signature facial | 45min- $75

This is a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial with minor extraction and massage for most people specially teenagers and men.

Hydrating facial  |  60min - $95

Super hydrating treatment for thirsty dehydrated skin at all ages. Great for summer time! 

Microneedling | 45min-$115

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy!this is a cosmetic procedure that involves puncturing the  numbed skin with tiny sterilized needles. this is a great treatment for dents and scars from acne ,fine lines and brown spots.

Adds on to any facial !

1.**oxygen infusion $30

2. eye refiner treatment $12

3.collagen ,radiance,detox mask $12

4.led light therapy $20

5.*microderm/mild chemical peels ** $20

the add on num 5 is free if you become a member! call for information.

Back Facial | 45min - $65 to $85 (upper back or whole back area)

hard to reach back area needs a good cleanse and exfoliate to prevent break outs and build up of dead skin..

Sensitive Skin Facial | 50min - $85

Gentle and effective cleanse and exfoliate specifically made for sensitive and rosacea skin included a soothing power treatment. Dissolves dead skin layer and make the skin smooth and calm.

**O2 and Power Serum Infusion Facial | 45min - $75

o2 is an oxygen infusion along with vitamins, brightening or antibacterial serum (depending on skin type) that can be great for acne , congested or mature skin.!

Mild chemical Peels | 30min - $45

Mini Facial| 35min-$60

This is a cleanse and exfoliate touch up treatment that includes a great exfoliating chemical peel, good for everyone specially teens!

Skin tag removal| prices varies!

removal of small to meduim skin tags with numbing and no bleeding!

*Cellulite reduction/body contouring

Cavitation /radio frequency is non invasive treatment for reducing cellulite that most women deal with it specially on thighs or excess fat on belly and hips.. call for more information!

Makeup & Lash Application

 Mac & Morphe

  • regular makeup $59

  • air bruh makeup $69

  • bridal package $99*

  • lash application $15

  • lash extension (volume lashes $89)

  • lash refill $55 and $65 (2 or 3 weeks)

*lash and airbrush included in bridal package


Waxing & Threading

  • Brow Threading or Waxing | $15

  • Brow or Lash Tint | $15

  • Lip and Chin | $12

  • Full Face | $45

  • Men's Back Waxing | $45+

  • Full Body Waxing Available | Call for pricing

  • First time facial ($95 or more) client receive 15% discount! 

  • All monthly clients receive member discount!